Katie offers ultra violet body painting which is then photographed in pitch black with a UV black light. UV body painting works great for club or corporate events as well as private bookings.

UV paint creates an amazing special effect which needs almost no photo editing to look totally unique. UV Body paint literally glows in the dark with the help of a blacklight. It creates a fluorescent psychedelic image.

Being body painted with UV paint offers a once in a lifetime experience, it's a great unique gift for your partner or friend. Your body will be transformed into a piece of living art. When you are painted in the dark your skin is invisible, you become an invisible canvas, which creates an amazing sensation for your mind. It's also an experience you can take away with you and remember forever with large size photography that you can display in your home.

The painting takes place in the dark, so if you are shy about being painted or photographed nude it's a good alternative. The black colour you can see in the photos is actually skin without paint, so it's also very body enhancing and can hide wobbly bits very well!

All paintings come with a free photography shoot and a set of 10 digital photo edits with the option to buy more images if you require.

To see more of my UV painting work, please visit the UV gallery by clicking the following button:

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