Who I Am

I’m Katie a local body painter based in Barcelona, I have 3 years experience and have been expanding my body painting skills of time. I started with face paint then pregnancy painting, body painting, photography and now I’m beginning to work with airbrush and henna!

I am British and for most of my life I have worked as a therapist. I have always been naturally interested in art and have rediscovered my past passion for it.

I have spent considerable amounts of time traveling the world, and have been drawn to nature beauty and photography. More recently I have been very interested in colour combinations, which has led to a bodypaint buying addiction ( 70 colours and counting). All of this experience comes through in my work at certain stages helping me share my inner world and appreciation for beauty and colour with others.

For me body painting is a form of cathartic flow, bringing peace and silencing the mind for both the painter and the model. It's the kind of responsive art that you can't plan completely and sometimes the most interesting work comes from no planning at all.

Each human body has its own shapes and beauty, and each individual their own energy. My work is born from a feeling that comes through the interaction that we have that sparks the creative flow.

Essentially we produce the work together and make a great memory in doing so.